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A Book Club Birthday Bonanza!

April 12, 2017 | East Village | All The Single Ladies

For the second book club meeting, Skirsch and I offered to host to discuss All The Single Ladies by Rebeca Traister. Little did I know that another scheme was afoot...


Running late, I walked up to a sign on the door announcing "Book Club Cancelled! Sry!" The Sry clued me in that maybe Book Club wasn't actually cancelled... The Babes banded together for a birthday surprise with a few of my favorite things - balloons! charcuterie! party hats! cake! most important - Bud Light!

Thanks to the Babes for making my 25th so special - books, babes, and Bud Lights are truly the key to my heart so take note readers! #books #babes #budlight

Book Discussion

Truthfully I didn't finish the book and was overwhelmed with emotion so the actual book discussion is a blur, but I do remember everyone pitching in with lots of thoughtful commentary. Kudos Babes!

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